Olympia implements best practices for client relations in PR with Capital Area Special Olympics

This article was written by Katy Stuart, account executive for Olympia Creative 

Source:  www.trackur. com - 15 Tips for Ending Client Relationships in a Positive Way
Source: http://www.trackur. com – 15 Tips for Ending Client Relationships in a Positive Way

In an article written by Amanda Brown, she explains that stewardship has four dimensions: reciprocity, responsibility, reporting and relationship nurturing. I believe that these four dimensions should be taken into consideration when dealing with all outlets of a campaign, not just clients. However, at Olympia Creative we have found that applying these four dimensions to our campaign with CASOL has been very effective.

Reciprocity, by Miriam-Webster definition, means the quality or state of being reciprocal: mutual dependence, action, or influence. In Brown’s article she states that reciprocity is to “Recognize stakeholders and demonstrate gratitude for their involvement with the organization is always important.” I think that both definitions apply to our relationship with CASOL. In every correspondence that I have with Mr. Charles Guillory or Mrs. Audrey, I make sure to be polite and respectful, as well grateful for their input. Doing so allows me to recognize my dependence on the information they provide, as well demonstrate gratitude for their voluntary involvement with CASOL. Olympia Creative and I highly value our partnership with CASOL.

Brown describes responsibility as “being responsible means keeping promises to stakeholders while achieving high standards of organizational management and decision making.” As account executive being responsible means being respectful, timely, efficient, cooperative, open to suggestions and organized. By exuding this characteristic we gain the respect of clients, which allows us to create a cohesive relationship built on trust and appreciation.

Reporting is an essential aspect of stewardship. To be able to truly nurture a relationship, there must be an open line of communication at all times. In a campaign like our own, it is important to establish this communication early on. At Olympia Creative we practice reporting internally constantly via emails, texts and GroupMe. On a weekly basis, I report back to Mr. Charles to ensure that he and his team are well up to date on our progress. Reporting back frequently helps to not overlook important details, as well as keeps the client feeling like they are apart of the decision-making process.

Lastly, nurturing relationships brings it all together. To maintain the success of all the other dimensions, it is important to continuously nurture the relationship. Brown suggests doing so through customer appreciation events. Seeing as we are merely college students, and we only have a college student’s budget, the best way to nurture our relationship with CASOL is through consistency. Constantly creating outstanding work with clear, beneficial outcomes help to nurture the relationship. If we continue to produce quality work we will continue to have a good relationship with CASOL.

To find out more about CASOL, visit its Facebook.


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